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HJT Steel Tower (North America) Co. Ltd.

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We can design structures from scratch, with provided requirements and data, or work from the preliminary design from the customer.

​North American standards such as ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) codes are strictly followed for the design process. 

For every project, we will provide the calculation booklet, design drawings, fabrication drawings, PLS-pole/PLS-tower models, erection drawings and lifting drawings. Upon request, we are also able to provide tower testing and Auto-CAD modelling. 

HJT is able to submit these technical deliverables and revise them according to customer comments in the short time periods. This is because we have a design team of 98 qualified engineers in China with the final review and approval done by our North American Engineers.  After receiving the final approval, we are able to provide P. Eng. stamping of the technical drawings valid in most Canadian provinces and US States.

PLS - Pole Modeling

PLS - Tower Modeling

Here at HJT, we realize the design stage is very important.


                            We will work with customers every step towards the best possible design.